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Dans son Jus?

In all businesses, there is jargon and the real estate business is no different. In France you will sometimes see in property descriptions the phrase “ dans son jus” which means “untouched” or “ still in it’s original condition “. To many potential purchasers who want to put their own stamp on a property and don’t want to pay for other people’s “improvements” -which they are only going to rip out anyway- this is an appealing proposition.

Whilst it is getting increasingly difficult to find such properties, they do pop up from time to time and in today’s market you can pick up a 2/3 bedroom property with outside space for under 150,000€, which is a good starting point compared to a few years ago when these type of properties were going for such inflated prices that it would have been difficult to see a return on your investment .Ten years ago, it was mostly the foreign buyer who was buying these type of properties and modernising them to great success. However, with the increasing popularity of make-over property programmes in France, even the French, especially the younger generation, are choosing these properties over a new build.

For a lot of buyers, foreign and French alike, the idea of finding a property that still retains its original charm but could do with some modernisation presents the perfect compromise between buying an old property or a newer build. Whilst you will almost certainly need to carry out some modernisation works, you will have great proportions and a solid build to start with. Add to that some great original features that you won’t find in every house, you can end up with a unique property that completely reflects your tastes. In cases of houses with gardens, it is almost entirely certain there won’t be a pool, so an addition of one would immediately give you a return on your investment – and countless hours of fun and frolicking in the sun!

Be it one built over a 100 years ago, or one from the ‘50s, we still get a slight shiver of excitement when we walk into a house ‘dans son jus’ and here’s one that did just that to us……


At 228,000€ – Large unmodernised ‘Maison de Maitre’ with garden and outbuilding, and plenty of beautiful original features. Great Potential!  For more information, click here:

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