The key to property in the Languedoc

12 French Terms to know when house hunting/buying in France….

1. Agence Immobilier /Agent Immobilier – Real estate agency/ Real estate agent /Realtor

2. Acte de Vente/Acte Authentique – Final sale deed by which the property is transferred to the buyer

3. Bon de Visite – Attestation signed by a house hunter with an estate agent as proof that he has been shown a house with that agent

4. Compromis de Vente – Bilateral contract between seller and buyer, for the sale and purchase of a property

5. Diagnostic Performance Energetique (DPE) – Energy efficiency survey a seller is obliged to carry out prior to marketing his property

6. Dépôt de Garantie – Deposit paid when buying a property, usually 10% of the purchase price

7. Frais de Notaire – Government Tax, land registration fees and other legal costs to be paid on the purchase price, commonly referred to as the Notaire’s fees. Normally around 7% of the purchase price

8. Le Bien – The Property

9. Mandat de Vente – Contract between the seller and the estate agent to market the property

10. Notaire – A public legal official authorized by the State to oversee property transactions in France

11. Tax d’habitation – Annual residency tax levied on the occupier of a property, as at 1st January each year, which includes TV licence fees

12. Tax Foncière – Annual property/land tax payable by the owner of a property in October/November each year

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